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We are the only company in Belgium to use self-locking pin joints on your scaffolding. The scaffolding cannot be wrongly erected thanks to the locking frames. Moreover, the erection and dismantling is quicker and safer thanks to this. 

No scaffolding is too high

You can hire or buy safe scaffolding, platforms or complete structures only from M&M Systems. We also build custom designs in addition to the standard scaffolding. We build complex structures using lightweight aluminium scaffolding for all sorts of spaces. These include scaffolding used for the covered swimming pool in Elsene (oldest in the Brussels City Region), the Chinese Pavilion and several structures for alters. You can count on experts who do their utmost – within the bounds of feasibility of course. Are you planning to use scaffolding?

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Discuss safe scaffolding solutions with the experts

When calling to discuss your plans you will speak to either Micheline or Yves: the man and woman behind the scaffolding ideas. Safety always takes precedence at M&M Systems. Therefore you can safely rely on scaffolding with anti-slip rungs that are welded all the way round, as well as the self-locking system. Furthermore, M&M Systems transports its own scaffolding resulting in quick and efficient deliveries all over Belgium.

With every M&M Project you receive a safe maintenance platform made measure for trains, trams, buses, metros or even aeroplanes.

Do you need scaffolding, platforms, fire or pit steps, or ladders for maintenance, access or loading platforms?

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